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GumDrop 10 Piece Starter Set Review and Giveaway (Closed)

Did you know that research now indicates an association between pacifier use and a reduced risk of SIDS?  Recommendations are now for the use of pacifiers at nap time and bedtime throughout the first year of life.  Dr. DeKun Li, a research scientist with Kaiser Permanente's Northern California Region, has studied pacifiers and SIDS. His study finds pacifier use during sleep reduces the risk of SIDS by as much as 90%.  Experts aren't sure why pacifiers reduce the risk of SIDS. It may be because the pacifiers keep the airway open during sleep, or perhaps babies sleep more lightly because they are sucking. Or maybe babies are less likely to roll over onto their stomachs with a pacifier in their mouths. So far, these are only speculations and further research will be necessary to determine exactly what the reason is.  Until that reason is proved or disproved, I will be using a pacifier again with our newest addition.

So really, the only question in my mind is which pacifier brand so I use this time around?  The answer?...The First Years GumDrop Pacifier.  Why?...This one is easy!  This pacifier is made of one piece of latex-free silicone, which is also BPA-free and Phthalate-free.  Other brands we have used in the past are the traditional silicon nipple and plastic holder. I am forever checking and rechecking that the nipple has not loosened and is safe. The GumDrop Pacifier has taken those worries away! The lightweight, "single body construction" of this pacifier means no loose parts to break off, or worse swallow.

The GumDrop Pacifier is soft and is designed to fit the natural shape of your baby's face. The GumDrop Pacifier offers the same nipple shape as the Soothie. But, with it's contoured shape, there is no fear that the top of the pacifier will even come close to covering your babies nostrils.  What else is there to love? The GumDrop Pacifier meets Consumer Product Safety Commission standards for pacifiers. To me, that says safe, safe, safe and I feel comfortable with that.

I know I love the First Years GumDrop Pacifier.  So, I was really excited to hear about the launch of their GumDrop10 Piece Starter Set.  I love, love, love this too!  Included in The First Years Gumdrop Slim Bottle Starter Set is three 4oz. bottles, two 8oz. bottles, two newborn pacifiers, a 40-count pacifier wipe pouch and two replacement nipples. It is available in both girl and boy sets for ages Newborn and up. It makes sense to me that if I am going to use the GumDrop pacifier, then I should also use GumDrop accessories. 

Let me start with the super cute bottles.  The First Years GumDrop Slim Bottle is modeled after the GumDrop Pacifier.  It has a 100% silicone nipple that is the same shape used on the GumDrop Pacifier.  This bottle also features a narrow bottle design that is perfect for older infants to grasp and hold. Very important to note that these bottles are also BPA-Free and Latex-free.

I love that each bottle comes with its own nipple and cap to cover the nipple.  You never have to worry about the bottle getting dirty or not having enough caps because you have to share them between bottles.  The designs are also adorable and brightly colored.  You also receive 2 replacement nipples in case of wear or one gets lost.  I noticed that the 4 oz bottles come with slow flow nipples and the 8oz bottles come with medium flow nipples.  This is nice so that you don't have to buy additional nipples when your baby graduates to a faster nipple.

Also included is a pack of The First Years Pacifier Wipes.  These wipes are awesome!  When you open the pack, you are greeted with the refreshing smell of apples. The First Years Pacifier Wipes helps to keep pacifiers, toys, bottles little hands, and just about anything else clean while on-the-go. These wipes are designed to clean children's items that have dropped and go back into your child's mouth, which is just about everything! These wipes are made with food grade ingredients, which means they are safe. No alcohol, artificial preservatives, or chemicals have been used in creating these cleansing wipes.

You get 40 wipes per pack and are well worth it!  If you have a child who uses a pacifier while out on the town, you know that the pacifier will inevitably fall on the grimiest of floors and pick up all kinds of germs. They are great when there is no sink or anyway to clean a newly dropped pacifiers or toy.  The wipes and accessories are a no-brainer and just make healthy sense that will keep your child well.  If you have a child who uses a pacifier, this is the one to choose! 
You can find these great pacifiers and accessories at retailers like Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, Kmart and other major retailers.  MSRP: $17.99.  To see what other moms are saying about GumDrop, check out this video:

Do you love what you have read about the new GumDrop 10 piece Starter Set?  Do you want to win one of your own?  Fill out the form below for a chance to win.  The Giveaway will run from 3/22/12 at 12:00pm until 3/29/12 at 12:00pm.

Congratulations to Melanie C, winner of the GumDrop Giveaway.  The winner has been notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

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