Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What To Do With All The Leftover Plastic Easter Eggs

So, as I clean up after Easter and put all the decorations away for another year, I realize I have more and more of these plastic Easter eggs.  Someone has to tell the Easter Bunny to stop dropping so many eggs at my house. 

I wondered, what else can these little eggs be used for?  To my surprise, lots!  There are really so many fun games and crafts that you can choose from.  I wasn't crafty enough to come up with all of these good ideas, but here are some of my favorites that I have come across in my search. 

From the blog, Craft, Interrupted:

From the blog, Tip Junkie:
From raiseaboy.com:

Egg Spelling Game

Egg Spelling GamePreparation: Choose words according to the age and development of your child.
If your child is in school, use the spelling words or vocabulary words that he needs to learn that week.
For young children the first words they should learn to read are CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) like mom, dad, cat, dog, hat, etc. You should also include their names and names of family members.
Type the words out on the computer in large print and cut the words apart. Include the letters for one word in one egg. Place the eggs in an egg carton, basket or other container.

The Game: Have your child take one egg, unscramble the letters and then go grab another egg until he has unscrambled all the words. Once he’s practiced a few times it can even become a race to see if he can beat his own time (but only if this helps his learning and doesn’t create stress).

Learning Tip: Do not place the egg container next to your child. Make this an active game because movement anchors learning! After unscrambling a word, your child should walk, hop, skip, march, or crawl to get to the next egg. Above all, make it active and fun and if it stops being fun, take a break!

Chasing Tiny Feet

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Did you take your kids to visit the Easter Bunny?  Did you have hopes that your child would sit calmly smiling while the picture was being taken?   Then reality set in and this is what you really got!
Happy Easter!!!!!

Chasing Tiny Feet