Friday, December 30, 2011

Melissa McCarthy Launches Ivory Brand’s New Social Community “The Soap Dish” + Ivory Soap GIVEAWAY

Taking a know what that means.  Fifteen minutes of peace and quite where you can escape from the daily grind.  That is, unless you forget to lock the door and your 2 year old comes busting in and instantly brings you back to reality with a rush of cold air.  Welcome to my world!
I have to admit that anytime I can shower uninterrupted is surely welcome in my day.  Apparently, I am not the only mom who feels this way.  According to a recent survey conducted by Ivory soap, 66% of moms surveyed confessed to hiding in the bathroom for some much-needed alone time.  And, when that happens, I know that I love to indulge and pamper myself with Ivory's relaxing and refreshing scents.  I personally love the hydrating aloe and calming lavender body washes.

My husband has used Ivory soap all his life.  He converted me 10 years ago when we met and I have been loyal ever since.  I love that Ivory soap is simple and pure, without unnecesary ingredients that dry out my skin.  I love that Ivory has recently contemporized their line of bar soaps, body washes, and liquid hand soaps.  You will now see a vibrant new color scheme and packaging redesign of the current Ivory product offerings of Lavender, Aloe, and Simply Ivory bar soaps and body washes.  This is perfect for all women out there who love the simplicity of Ivory products.

Ivory soap has started a new campaign, including their own modern day makeover, aimed at today's busy mom's.  Inspired from the insight of a national "mom" survey commissioned by Ivory, Ivory has launched "The Soap Dish", a light hearted social community that offers women an outlet to share in the everyday humor and honesty of their lives.  For instance, 80% of moms surveyed feel that motherhood is more complicated today than it was for their own mothers 20 years ago. However, more than half (54%) say they’re balancing life as a mother better than their own mom did.

The community lives on the Ivory Facebook page ( and is a place where today's modern mom can come and dish - share opinions, ideas and maybe a little attitude on what it is that makes her life so complicated.  As host of The Soap Dish, Emmy award-winner Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids, Mike & Molly) invites Ivory fans and followers to join her in dishing about everyday topics ranging from motherhood, marriage and meatloaf to much more.

You can be a part of Ivory’s new campaign too AND win some Ivory soap for yourself!  If you head over to Mama Cheaps, you can enter to win 18 bars of soap (in 6 packs of 3 bars each)!  There are many ways to enter for chances to win!  This giveaway is open to anyone from the United States who is 18 years or older. It will run from, 12/29/11, until Thursday, 1/5/12 at 8 PM EST. One winner will be chosen via the “And the Winner Is” WordPress Plugin.

Ivory is providing the prize for this giveaway. They provided us with the products reviewed above in order to facilitate the review. All opinions are 100% ours.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

FREE New Year's Printables

Here are some great free printables for the New Year!  The kids will really enjoy coloring and decorating these.

Click HERE for free NYE printables from

Click HERE for free coloring pages from

Click HERE for free coloring pages from

Click HERE for free coloring pages from

Click HERE Retro NTE printables from

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Orbeez Perfume Magic Review

Here is a really cool toy that girls and boys will love.  Orbeez are soft and squishy beads that you get to grow yourself!  They start off  hard and tiny, but when you add water to them, Orbeez will grow over 100 times their size,  Then, you get to "infuse" them and create a special fragrance that is all your own. 

The Orbeez Perfume Magic is perfect for little girls.  They will spend hours creating scents and perfume sachets that can be used to apply all over the body.  The beads feel amazing when you squish them around.  It is actually very relaxing and addictive!  I had so much fun playing with this set. 

The Orbeez Perfume Magic set contains:
  • 1 Perfume Magic Container
  • 1,500 Orbeez in 5 colors
  • 3 Perfume bottles with different scents
  • 3 Sachets to apply fragrance
  • 16-page full-color Activity Booklet

There are a number of other products that you can use Orbeez, like the Orbeez - Mood Lamp, Orbeez Light Up Star, Orbeez Soothing Spa - which I also highly recommend, talk about relaxing!, Orbeez Magic Light-Up Globe, and Orbeez Jewelry Maker, just to name a few.

Orbeez Perfume Magic retails for about $14.99 and is for ages 5 and up.  Since the beads start out tiny and even after they grow are still on the smaller size, I would definitely not recommend Orbeez for children under the age of 3. 

The Maya Group provided me with the item above in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Knitting Stockings

Contributed by Milford Woods

I have been using my Clear wireless internet 4G to pursue my hobby. I have always been interested in knitting since my grandmother taught me how to knit years ago. I make everyone in my family something for Christmas every year that I knitted. I have gotten really creative lately because I have found a lot of great knitter’s websites. Many of the websites have free patterns that are easy to follow and really unusual. I have also been able to order new yarns that are really high and fine quality. The small sewing store in my area has always just carried the basics, nothing really special. This Christmas, I have decided that I am going to knit everyone in my family a great Christmas stocking. They are going to have each person’s name at the top and be pretty long. I have almost all of them finished. The only thing left to do is that I have to sew sequins and bells on them. I want them to be really fancy. I can’t wait to see everyone open them, I think that they are really going to love the stockings.