Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Knitting Stockings

Contributed by Milford Woods

I have been using my Clear wireless internet 4G to pursue my hobby. I have always been interested in knitting since my grandmother taught me how to knit years ago. I make everyone in my family something for Christmas every year that I knitted. I have gotten really creative lately because I have found a lot of great knitter’s websites. Many of the websites have free patterns that are easy to follow and really unusual. I have also been able to order new yarns that are really high and fine quality. The small sewing store in my area has always just carried the basics, nothing really special. This Christmas, I have decided that I am going to knit everyone in my family a great Christmas stocking. They are going to have each person’s name at the top and be pretty long. I have almost all of them finished. The only thing left to do is that I have to sew sequins and bells on them. I want them to be really fancy. I can’t wait to see everyone open them, I think that they are really going to love the stockings.

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