Saturday, July 2, 2011

Do You Need Home Security?

Do you wonder how safe your home is?  Now that it is warm outside, do you sometimes worry that someone could break into you house easily because you left the window open?   Or that CO2 is leaking  in your home and you don't even know it?  What about fires or flooding?  There is so much that could happen to your house, or worse, your loved ones. 

That is why Home Security Conway could be the answer you have been looking for.  Home Security Conway is an authorized ADT dealer.  Just think, $99 for a complete home security system installed and with plans starting at just $35.99 per month, you could have your home monitored 24 hours a day for the presence of CO gas, for any unexplained increase in the temperature of your home, or smoke caused by fires, or an increased amount of moisture in your home, leading to flooding!

It is ADT’s trained professionals that will help you along the way to find out what is best for your family and home.  When you are sitting at home enjoying your Direct TV, you can call Home Security Conway to get a risk free assessment of your home today.  If you don't see your city, just call them at 1-800-330-8310!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Zoobles: Mama and Babies Review

Zoobles: Mama and Babies have got the be one of the cutest toys I have seen released recently.  I instantly fell in love when I saw these.  Like Bagukan for boys, Zoobles are for girls.  What makes these so much fun about these Zoobles is that the Mama Zooble is bigger than most other Zoobles and the Baby Zoobling can fit right inside her belly.  Zoobles Mama and her Baby Zoobling come with their Happitat, where they love to play and rest.  When the Baby Zoobling is not inside her Mama's belly, Baby likes to swing in the Happitat bassinet.

To help me with this review, I called in my 5 year old niece, Anna, to show me the ins and outs of what makes Zoobles so great.  Anna loved that the Mama Zooble was so big.  She also liked that Baby stayed safely in Mama's belly when she was done playing with them.  Like other 5 year olds, she has small toys that she is always  losing.  She was easily able to keep track of Mama and Baby Zooble.

Anna also commented, in her 5 year old lingo, that she loved the design of the Zoobles.  They are brightly colored and have lots of personality.  Play with the Zooble was a breeze too.  Mama Zooble easily closed up with Baby Zoobling inside.  Once Anna was ready to make Mama wake up, all she had to do was place it on the Happitat to make the Mama "spring to life".  To make the Baby come out, all Anna had to do was push a lever at the back of the Mama Zooble and the Baby rolled out.  Baby easily spring to life when she pushed the button on the top of the Baby Zoobles head.

Anna cannot wait to get more Zoobles to add to her collection!  Girls all over will love collecting all the Zoobles, creating their own little world of fun!

The play set includes 2 Zoobles and the Happitat.  They are reasonably prices at about $9.99

You can also find out more about the world of Zoobles at

Spin Master provided me with the items above in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NEW Bakugan Battle Arena, Bakugan's and Accessories by Spin Master Review

Bakugan has really become quite popular. I know this for a fact since my 9 year old nephew, Luke, and his friends play it all the time. Every time I see Luke he shows me his latest Bakugan acquisition and how it transforms. So, when the review opportunity came up, I had to call him in as an expert to teach me all about Bakugan.

For those of you that are not too familiar with it, I found a great explanation on
"Bakugan Battle Brawler strategic game was created by the joint efforts of Sega Toys and Spin Master. It is based on the Japanese animation TV series that is similar to that of Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh.  The story begins when the main characters, Dan Kuso and his five online friends begin playing Bakugan when cards suddenly start falling out of the sky. They learn that these battling monsters exist in another dimension called Vestoria. They have to do battle with other Bakugan in order to save Vestroia and Earth from total destruction."  I couldn't explain it any better!

I was fortunate enough to get to battle in the all new, official Mechtanium Surge Ball Arena.

This Bakugan Battle Arena is based on the fourth season of the Bakugan series. This game was really a lot of fun to play. Luke and I battled several times and I won once and he won three times. All you have to do to play is roll your Bakugan onto special metal Gate cards. The Bakugan will pop open when it successfully lands on a Gate card! This was tricky, but this new Battle Arena makes it even more fun since you can use the bumpers for shots. Once you successfully roll the Bakugan, it will auto transform. Luke explained that each Bakugan has powers and there is a number that corresponds, letting the players know who wins the battle. If you win the battle, you get to collect Gate Cards and you gain abilities and powers that will help you win the game.

This official battle arena has with card placement and shot spot indicators. You can play against up to 3 other players. This set is a lot of fun to play. Luke was thrilled to try this new arena.  He has the original arena and he made sure to tell me that this one was SO much better.  He loved that it was not only bigger, but he LOVES that it has the bumpers that you can use for trick shots. Another nice thing about this new Battle Arena is that you can remove the center board for a portable battle arena.

This games also comes with a DNA code for your Bakugan, letting you unlock a whole new online world. You have to firmly rub the Bakugan to reveal the hidden code, enter the code online, and "unleash the monster!"

Here a a few of the new Bakugan and accessories, which are also new.

Bakugan (Mechtogan) Miserak - Swipe and Battle
"Dominate in battle with Mechtogan, Bakugan's autotransforming action figures fused with die cast metal. Transforms with swipe of Mechtogan Activator to reveal hidden G-Powers. This package includes 1 Mechtogan and 1 Mechtogan activator."

Bakugan BakuSolo (Taylean)
"Feel the weight and roll with authority.  Grow you collection with all new Bakugan now with die cast metal.  Included in this package is 1 Bakugan, 1 Metal Gate Card, 1 Ability Card."

"This pack is a great way to add to your Bakugan collection.  You get 3 all new die cast metal Bakugan and 6 total cards.  This set includes 3 Bakugan, 3 Metal Gate Cards, and 3 Ability Cards."

Mobile Assault Vehicle
"Ride into battle with die cast Bakugan Mobile Assault vehicles.  Transport Bakugan into Battle and give your Bakugan a G-power boost.  Included in this package is 1 Bakugan Mobile Assault and 1 Reference Card."

Spin Master provided me with the items above in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hedbanz Game by SpinMaster Review

The Hedbanz Game is one of the most fun games I have played in a long time!  The premise is simple: strap a headband on you head, insert picture card onto the headband (without looking at it) so that everyone else can see it, and ask insightful questions that will help you deduce what the picture is of the card on your head.  Get rid of all  3 of your chips to win the game!  Sounds easy, right?  Guess again.  To make it even more difficult, you have to set a sand timer.  One fun aspect of the game is that you get to ask as many questions as you can during your time.  Questions include "Do I have legs?" or "Do I make noise?" until the timer runs out.  This game is like twenty questions, with simple objects on the cards to guess, but somehow, I wasn't getting any of the answers!

If you happen to guess the picture on your head before the timer runs out, you get to put one of your chips back into the bank and take another card and start asking questions again.  When the timer runs out, and if you can not guess what you are, the next player has a turn.   If a player gives up at any time and does not want to guess any more, they have to take a chip from the bank and a new card is dealt them next time.

My husband played this game with me and we had a blast!  We though that this game couldn't really be that hard.  We found out that this game is not only fun, but challenging too.  I love that Hedbanz helps to develop children's thinking skills and creativity as they learn to play this game.  Along with "deductive reasoning skills with the game's simple question-and-answer premise", your child will have a blast using descriptive adjectives to narrow down their guesses.  I admit, I was not the best at this game and even my husband gave up on a few cards.  We decided to bend the rules and give some hints until we got a better idea of what questions to ask.

I often hear from other Mom's that it is difficult to find games that the whole family can play, especially with younger children.  Hedbanz is a game that is appropriate for the whole family.  The cards show common pictures including, an animal, food, or a common object. The categories are few and simple, but this allows everyone, even young children, to get in on the family fun.  It is recommended for ages 7 and up, but with help, younger children could play along too.  This is a silly game that is definitely fun for the whole family! 

As Mason gets older, I love the idea of having a family game night where we can just be and everyone can have fun together.  The Hedbanz Game is definitely on the list of games we will play.  Since Mason is still too young to play, I have been using the cards as flash cards to teach him new words.  He loves them!

The Hedbanz Game retails for about  $16.99 and is for 2-6 players.  It includes :
  • rule sheet,
  • 74 cards,
  • 24 chips,
  • 6 headbands,
  • and sand-clock timer

Spin Master provided me with the item above in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.