Friday, July 1, 2011

Zoobles: Mama and Babies Review

Zoobles: Mama and Babies have got the be one of the cutest toys I have seen released recently.  I instantly fell in love when I saw these.  Like Bagukan for boys, Zoobles are for girls.  What makes these so much fun about these Zoobles is that the Mama Zooble is bigger than most other Zoobles and the Baby Zoobling can fit right inside her belly.  Zoobles Mama and her Baby Zoobling come with their Happitat, where they love to play and rest.  When the Baby Zoobling is not inside her Mama's belly, Baby likes to swing in the Happitat bassinet.

To help me with this review, I called in my 5 year old niece, Anna, to show me the ins and outs of what makes Zoobles so great.  Anna loved that the Mama Zooble was so big.  She also liked that Baby stayed safely in Mama's belly when she was done playing with them.  Like other 5 year olds, she has small toys that she is always  losing.  She was easily able to keep track of Mama and Baby Zooble.

Anna also commented, in her 5 year old lingo, that she loved the design of the Zoobles.  They are brightly colored and have lots of personality.  Play with the Zooble was a breeze too.  Mama Zooble easily closed up with Baby Zoobling inside.  Once Anna was ready to make Mama wake up, all she had to do was place it on the Happitat to make the Mama "spring to life".  To make the Baby come out, all Anna had to do was push a lever at the back of the Mama Zooble and the Baby rolled out.  Baby easily spring to life when she pushed the button on the top of the Baby Zoobles head.

Anna cannot wait to get more Zoobles to add to her collection!  Girls all over will love collecting all the Zoobles, creating their own little world of fun!

The play set includes 2 Zoobles and the Happitat.  They are reasonably prices at about $9.99

You can also find out more about the world of Zoobles at

Spin Master provided me with the items above in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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