Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pocoyo Water Taxi Tub Toy Review

If you read my post from the other day, you are now familiar with Pocoyo and his lovable friends.  Now, your child can not only enjoy Pocoyo on television and online, but in the tub too!  Pocoyo Water Taxi features a big green fish that pulls Scuba Pocoyo and Fred the Octopus. 

When I pulled this toy out of the box, I couldn't keep Mason's hands off of it.  He was so excited and started saying "I do!, I do!".  He immediately placed it on the floor and started pushing it around.  He had a ball saying fish and making his fish faces!

He was even happier when I brought the toy into the tub later that night.  I placed the Water Taxi in the water and it floated nicely on the water.  Mason pulled the fish all around the tub and soon discovered that Pocoyo was removable from the 'starfish' he was sitting on.  I showed him how to place Pocoyo so he could sit on the fish's head for additional fun.  He really loved playing with the Pocoyo Water Taxi

Aside from Mason loving this toy, from a parents perspective, it really is a fun toy for little ones.  It is not flashy or complicated.  There are no lights, batteries, or sounds. It is a simple plastic toy made for fun play in the tub.  I love the simpler toys that lend themselves to children using their imagination. 
This is also an affordable tub toy.  Another nice feature of the Water Taxi is that it did not hold water once it was removed from the tub.  Hopefully this will cut down on possible mold growth. 

The Pocoyo Water Taxi is a great tub toy for ages 18 months to 3 years of age.  It retails for $9.99.

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Monday, December 20, 2010 Premium Site Free Access Review and Giveaway (Closed)

Pocoyo...Pocoyo...Pocoyo.  What is Pocoyo?  That was what I was wondering and knew I had to find out more.  Pocoyo, meaning "Little Me" in Spanish,  is a new pre-school animated series about the curious little boy, Pocoyo.  You will also find Pocoyo's friends, an elephant (Elly), a duck (Pato), and a bird (Baby Bird), just to name a few, who are just as lovable as Pocoyo. 

The goal of Pocoyo is to "capture the imagination and stimulate children to watch, listen and interact, promoting creativity, self-awareness and self-confidence by learning through laughter".  Pocoyo is a great show that teaches appropriate and age relevant material and language skills for pre-school children. Your child will be introduced to such concepts as colors, shapes, numbers, and more in very simple language for your little one. Simply put, this series is about discovery and friendship.  Pocoyo is appropriate for ages 1-3 and even up to age 5 or 6.

What I really love about Pocoyo is the imaginative nature of the show.  I think children need to use their imagination more and this is a perfect way to introduce imaginative play while having fun.  I watched several episodes of Pocoyo online and loved the simple nature of the cartoon and the bright colors the animators used.  Against the plain white background, it is very easy to follow the character without getting distracted by a busy background,   Pocoyo is filled with music and simple ideas about sharing, caring, and being friends with others.

You can find Pocoyo on television and online.  I was fortunate enough to have access to  Registering was simple..and free!  Once you get set up with a user name and password, you get to create your own character.  You can choose you hairstyle, facial expression and clothes.  It's really fun! 

Once you get registered you will find yourself in Pocoyo's world.  This is a fun and safe interactive online community for your child to use.  Once inside, you can explore the town.  You will find Pato's Garden, a Pond, Central Square, the Park, the Cinema Square, Amusement Park, Pocoyo's Workshop.  Within each location, you will find new games to play and skills to practice.  There are challenges too!  Each time you sign in you will see a task list you can complete to earn tickets.  These tickets will be used to buy things around the online town.  This site is very user friendly for pre-schoolers and parents alike.

As I noted, access to is free.  You will have access to all Pocoyo Worlds, games, activities, and shops.  You will also be able to exchange gifts with your friends you make along the way.  However, you can upgrade your account to the Premium Club in Pocoyo's World.  The Premium Club offers more content and areas, and get exclusive virtual objects (costumes, vehicles, interactive objects, etc.). In addition, you will receive a monthly report monitoring your activity on Pocoyo World.  You will also be able to participate in exclusive events and promotions.

You can also check out for more information about Pocoyo and his friends.  You will find things like games, activities, music, episodes, and much much more.

If you would like to check out Pocoyo World's Premium Club for a FREE 14 day trial, fill out the Giveaway form below. 

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