Thursday, March 8, 2012

Squinkies Zinkies Review and Giveaway (Closed)

Were Squinkies a hit this holiday season with your kids?  Do your kids want to collect more and more of these adorable, squishy collectibles?  Have you checked out Squinkies Zinkies yet?  They are the hot, new release from Blip Toys.  Like the original Squinkies, these new toys are incredibly soft, squishy and cute!  If you love the small size of Squinkies, you will love Zinkies. 

Zinkies are about half the size of the original Squinkies, but still have all the detail of full sized Squinkies.  They are so small that they are smaller than the tip of your pinkie!   New Zinkies Bubble Packs will be introduced initially with six unique sets and will include 12 different Zinkies, each with its own small bubble that pops open to reveal the “surprize inside.”  Characters include colorful little animals like monkeys, puppies and bunnies.  Also included in each set of Squinkies Zinkies is its own squeezer to place the Zinkies inside their hiding place and a magnifying glass to accommodate their tiny size. 

Each set also comes with their own "Display and Play" toy where kids can play with and store the newest addition to the Squinkies World.  Zinkies Sets include Hide n Seek BlocksPeek A Boo MushroomTweetings Birdhouse, Snug as a Bug Sunflower, Squinkie Girl Zinkies Teacups Theme, and Small Aboard Train.

What do I love about the new Squinkies Zinkies?  I do love that they are so tiny.  They are so much fun to play with.  I am a fan of the playsets and the accessories included, especially the little squeezers that you can use to put the Zinkies in their playhouse.  It is great for a child to practice their hand - eye coordination skills.  The magnifying glass makes it a lot of fun to study each Zinkie more closely. 

Squinkies Zinkies are recommended for ages 4 and up.  They retail for about $ 12.99.  You will be able to find Squinkies Zinkies at retailers nationwide, including Target, Wal-Mart and Toys “R” Us.

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Would you like to win a set of Squinkies Zinkies?  Fill out the form below and enter for a chance to win!  The Giveaway will run from 3/8/12 at 8:00pm EST until 3/15/12 at 8:00pm EST.

Congratulations to Janet K, winner of the Squinkies Zinkies Giveaway.  The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen.

Thanks to Blip Toys for providing the items above in order to facilitate this review and giveaway.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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DayLight Savings Time Help

Sleeping Through Daylight Savings Time

We dread this every year!  The "Spring Forward" is not as bad as "Fall Back", but either way, it inevitably disrupts schedules and sleep patterns.  Here are some tips to help your child transition a little easier this year.

Pediatric Sleep Specialist Whitney Roban, Ph.D offers tips to help your child transition.  Daylight savings time is approaching fast – this Sunday, March 11, in fact.  While losing an hour doesn’t seem like a lotto most of us, to a child, this means a whole new routine, especially when it comes to sleep.  Whitney Roban, Ph.D of Sleep-Eez Kidz has some tips to help make the daylight savings time transition super easy so every can enjoy spring!

Allow your child's internal clock to adjust to the time change over a period of several days instead of overnight. To do this you will need to move the bedtime earlier in 15 minute increments for the4 days preceding daylight savings. For example, let's assume your child has a 7:00 bedtime. On March 8th you will put your child to be at 6:45. On March 9th bedtime will be 6:30. On March 10th it will be 6:15. On March 11th bedtime will be 6:00. March 11th is daylight savings and that evening your child's internal clock will be set to a 6:00 bedtime which on this day will now be 7:00pm. You have slowly and successfully transitioned your child to his "new"bedtime.

Do not discuss the time change nor the change in bedtime with your child. Just stay firm and consistent, knowing that you are doing what is necessary and best for your child in relation to sleep. If you have an older child that can tell time and will resist the earlier bedtime,then change the clocks so that your clocks read the usual bed time. It is too difficult a concept to explain to a child and you do not want to waste precious sleep time arguing over bed time. Remember that you are the parent and must stay confident and in control of your child's sleep.

Keep your bedtime routine consistent. Do not make it longer because your child does not appear tired. It may take your child a few extra minutes to fall asleep as you adjust the bedtime. That is okay.Allow your child's mind and body to relax and fall asleep peacefully. Putting a child to bed when they are not already overtired makes falling asleep much easier for the child.

Most children do not get the required amount of daily uninterrupted sleep. Do not be scared of an early bedtime for your child. The more sleep your child gets, the better. The days preceding daylight savings allows parents the opportunity to provide more sleep for the family.The earlier bedtime will not make your child wake up earlier in the morning. In fact, the opposite is true. The more sleep our bodies get, the more sleep our bodies want!

About Whitney Roban, Ph.D:  Pediatric sleep specialist, founder of Sleep-Eez Kidz, and mom.  Whitney Roban lives and works by one philosophy: parenting is one of the hardest jobs, made impossible when a family doesn’t sleep.  Her mission is to give the gift of sleep to families through her information dissemination and emotional support based system.  For more information on Whitney and Sleep-Eez Kidz visit, or follow her on Twitter@SleepEezKidz.

Chasing Tiny Feet