Friday, April 8, 2011

JAWS Cleaning System Review

I am always looking for alternative, green, and safer ways to clean.  Since becoming pregnant with Mason, I have become more aware of the harmful chemicals in the cleaning products I use.  I have already posted a few green, non-toxic cleaners that you can make at home cleaners that I use.  But, in case you are someone who doesn't have the time to make your own cleaners or maybe feels like it is a big project, this just might be the solution for you.

Introducing Jaws, the "Just Add Water System".  Here you have a ridiculously easy, reusable, green, non-toxic, refillable, and effective way to clean.

The JAWS system includes 4 "powerful, concentrated eco-conscious cleaners" for any job you might have in your house.  There is a glass and hard surface cleaner for all of those fingerprints and smudges; a multipurpose cleaner and degreaser that cuts through grease and grime on places like your stove top; a bathroom cleaner and deodorizer for all the ick and soap scum; and a disinfectant cleaner degreaser that will take care of all the bacteria, viruses, fungus, and germs. 

JAWS consists of one reusable, refillable trigger spray bottle that comes filled with cleaner along with a refill cartridge of powerful concentrate that, when mixed with water, makes an effective yet biodegradable cleaning solution.   If you order this online, you will get two cartridges of cleaning concentrate packaged with a reusable spray bottle. The bottles ship empty with two cartridge concentrates. Always remember to save bottle and sprayer for reuse.

This system is the easiest to set up too!  All you have to do it fill the reusable spray bottle with water, pop in a super-concentrated cleaning cartridge, and twist the top on.  The cartridge will release the cleaner as you tighten the top.  Mix the liquid gently and you are ready to clean.  There is no mess, no spilling, and no measuring.  It is all done for you!

Besides the fact that JAWS is so easy to use, what I really loved about the JAWS system is the low, low odor of the cleaners.  I try not to clean when Mason is around because of the fumes from the cleaners. I hate thinking about what he could be ingesting.  JAWS is nearly odorless, yet, you can tell that the cleaner is effective from the results. 

JAWS is an eco-friendly cleaning system that reduces plastic in landfills, conserves resources and saves you cash. In fact, when you finish your Just Add Water starter kit and buy cartridge refills, you can make 2 full bottles of cleaner for less than $2.00 each.

You can buy each cleaner in the JAWS system separately and they range in price from $4.89 to $5.69.  Refills cost $3.69 to $4.79 each.  You can buy the complete home cleaning kit for $19.99, obviously the best deal. Right now, if you go online to order JAWS, you can get free shipping until June 30, 2011 when you enter the code SPRING at checkout.  provided the items for the above review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easy Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie

I am always on the lookout for easy solutions to tough problems.  This recipe helped to solve 2 problems in one. 

A few days ago, Mason was having a hard day.  I decided to get a smoothie while out.  For some reason, this sent Mason over the top and he cried until we got home and I was able to give him some of the smoothie in a cup.  He was perfectly happy and content for the rest of the night until he went to bed.  Huh?, that was weird I thought.

The other issue is that Mason is now realizing there is juice as an option for a drink.  Typically, Mason only gets one 8 oz cup filled with half to three quarters water and the rest 100% fruit or vegetable juice.  He is now asking for more juice.  Enter the smoothie.

Giving Mason this smoothie treat not only gives him some variety, but is a good choice for him.  It makes him happy to have something different too.  It also took him a while to drink it, so he didn't ask for juice that day either.  There is no added sugar in the smoothie recipe, just the sweetness from the fruit.

I found this recipe on ehow, but there are tones of them out there, each with their own little twist.


1 banana, peeled and cut into pieces
5 medium strawberries, tops removed, washed and cut into pieces
1/4 cup orange juice
1 handful of ice cubes
1 6oz container of vanilla yogurt (strawberry or banana yogurt would also work)

  1. Add all ingredients to the blender.
  2. Put the lid on the blender and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  3. Pulsate the blender on the ice crush setting of the blender, until you thoroughly combine the ingredients for your strawberry banana yogurt smoothie.
  4. Pour the strawberry banana yogurt smoothie into cup and enjoy!

I also like that as an alternative treat to the everyday.  I also like that Mason will drink this on days were he isn't eating much.  This was he is at least getting fruit and yogurt, which are both great for him!