Thursday, November 10, 2011

FyrFlyz Review

Looking for a great stocking stuffer this holiday that is fun for kids and adults alike?  Here is the perfect toy for the 8 and up crowd.  FyrFlyz Light Up Toy is a multi-colored LED light that spins while attached to a string.  With a little practice and creativity, FyrFlyz can help you create lighted patterns and tricks to create your own light show.

"FyrFlyz is an easy to use, precision balance lighted toy designed to spin on its axis. Simply by swinging two strings and applying tension or allowing slack, you can create a continuous movement of multi-color light shapes (figure eights, rings, etc.).  Here's how FyrFlyz work: grab one small plastic handle in each hand and spin the FyrFlyz in large loops so the string gets twisted. Next, using the handles, pull the strings apart to spin the FyrFlyz in the opposite direction. Now, bring the handles closer and pull apart to spin large loops and create different tricks and shapes like Shooting Stars, Saturn Rings, Sun Blasts and Flywheels."

FyrFlyz is another one of those simple and brilliantly made toys that is so much fun to play with.  It is amazing how such a neat toy can bring hours of fun while kids work on expanding their imagination trying to create new light patterns.  I love that this a compact toy that you can carry with you and pull out whenever you want.  It is sure to keep your child busy, as long as there is adequate room to swing the toy around. 

These toys are really fun to use in the dark too.  I can see us playing with these over the summer at barbecues, waiting for fireworks to start, or while roasting marshmallows.   They seem to be made very well and the lights are nice and bright.

FyrFlyz is a must have for the holiday season.  With the small price tag of about $8.99, how can you go wrong?  One FyrFlyz includes batteries, on/off switch, LED lights, and safety grip handles.  Recommended for ages 8 and up.  It retails for about $8.99.

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I-Star Entertainment provided me with the item above in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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