Monday, November 7, 2011

Fireworks Light Show In My Room by Uncle Milton Review

Here is some fun from Uncle Milton to get your holiday started!  Although it is going to be a long winter, you and your children can enjoy the fun of a 4th of July fireworks show in your own home all year long!  Introducing Uncle Milton Fireworks Light Show In My Room.  This is very simple, but brilliantly made, handheld device that projects images of fireworks onto walls or ceilings.  Included to make the experience more authentic are booming sound effects.  And, you can easily change up the fireworks display by simply rotating a disc to choose the image you want.

This is also a great toy to have on hand for bedtime or those rainy day indoor picnics.  Mason and I love to have indoor picnics in the family room and what better what to end any picnic than with fireworks?   It works best in a dark room so you can fully appreciate the colors in the fireworks display, but even in not ideal conditions, Mason loved all the colors and the booming sounds.  After showing Mason how to pump the launcher and pull the trigger, he was easily able to create his own fireworks.  What you will see is a firework bursting and expanding on the wall or ceiling, accompanied by a realistic sound effect, including the fizzling sound at the end when the firework disappears.

This toy does require 3 AAA batteries, which are not included.  Although Fireworks Light Show in My Room is recommended for ages 6, I think this could be appropriate for a child as young as 4 (with parental supervision of course).   It retails for about $34.99.

Note: There is a warning on the toy not to look directly into the beam of light.  Doing so can cause serious and irreparable eye damage.

Uncle Milton provided me with the item above in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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