Sunday, October 16, 2011

Medicare Part D

Before being lucky enough to stay home with Mason full time, I worked as a Paralegal for a short time.  I worked in medical malpractice and helping people obtain Social Security Disability.  I know how important it is for people to have the correct medical coverage, especially when it seems their life is being run by doctor appointments or medical treatments.

One of the toughest questions I had to explain was how Medicare worked.  There are so many plans and options and they seem to change year to year.  If you have Medicare plan A, B, or C, you might also have Medicare Part D, coverage for your medications. 

Medicare Part D can help people on Medicare lower prescription cost.  It is prescription coverage that can be obtained through private companies that are approved by Medicare.  Something important to know is that you need to enroll in Medicare Part D when you first become eligible if you want to avoid paying a penalty later. 

Join Medicare Part D by adding it to your original Medicare Plan or join an HMO or PPO plan that includes Part D coverage.  Another important point to remember is that most people do have to pay a premium for this coverage. There are different plans that coverage different drugs, but all medically necessary drugs are covered. You can choose what drug plan will be best suited to your needs.

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