Saturday, May 7, 2011

Here's a Great Way to Shop...

In the endless search for deals, coupons, discounts, etc. for just about everything I buy, I find that sometimes I have to settle on style and choices.  My husband thinks that I comparison shop too much.  I guess he is right in the fact that when you drive to 6 different stores looking for an item, you aren't really saving money when you are using a tank of gas to drive around town.

Recently, I have become a smarter shopper and have learned to use the Internet much more to my advantage.  A great site that I started using is makes it easy for the consumer because this site is shopping AND research all in one!

I was recently searching  for a sofa.  I went to several stores before I came across  I gave it a try and to my surprise, I found exactly what I wanted.  Best of all, I was able to comparison shop and view a large selection of sofas without spending all the gas in my car. also has a product research guide to help you with product reviews and buying guides for just about anything you can think of.  Whether you are looking for a sleeper chair, chenille bedspreads, or zebra print wallpaper, has it and much, much more!

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