Monday, March 21, 2011

Kids Wee Cycle Consignment Sale (Ambler, PA and East Norriton, PA)

I was at it again!  Consignment shopping.  This weekend I went to the Kids Wee Cycle Consignment Sale held in Ambler, PA at the Trinity Episcopal Church.  I think this just might be my favorite sale of the season.  There is always an abundance of clothes, toys, videos, DVD's etc.  I also can shop without having that overwhelming feeling of having to rush around and scoop up everything before it is gone.  What I also love about this sale is that it is only for a few hours and the last hour of the sale is a half price sale on designated items.  This is when I hit the racks! 

I am not on of those Black Friday shoppers who stand in line for hours for a great deal.  I do love finding a great deal, but I have more of the attitude that I will shop for what Mason needs and if I find something, GREAT!, if not, no big deal.  There will ALWAYS be more sales.

Somehow, I always find something with no problem.  This weekend I found all these clothes for Mason for the measly price of $13.00.  What else is great about this sale?  The pricing.  Besides the half price hour, the prices are so reasonable that you can get great deals, especially on clothes, during the regular sale hours too.  Most of the clothing items were priced from $1.00 to $5.00.  This is the most reasonable prices I have seen at any sale.  I have been to some sales where I feel items are overpriced for a consignment sale and I could easily find a great sale and buy some of the items new in the store.  Not at this sale.  I always feel like I am getting a great deal.  Really, who can complain about a $1.00 t shirt or $2.00 or $3.00 for a matching short set? 

Kids Wee Cycle does offer bigger items like bouncy chairs, activity centers, etc. and these were also reasonably priced from $10.00 and higher.  I know you run the risk of a slimmer selection, but think half price sale and you can really get a bargain if you are not particular.

If you missed this weekend's sale and you want to check out their next one, just check out the details below:

Date:  April 9, 2011

Place: Norriton Presbyterian Church
           Germantown Pike & Trooper Road
           E. Norriton, PA

8 am - 12 pm
12 pm - 1 pm:  Half Price sale on select items

I have not checked out the sale in East Norriton yet, but I can only imagine it is as great as the sale in Ambler.  Check it out, what do you have to lose?

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