Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bumbo Recall Update

I'm sure you have heard that over 4 million Bumbo seats have been recalled recently.  I used one with Mason and I have already placed Amanda in it.  At first, I wasn't that concerned.  Mason happily sat in his many nights while I made dinner or looking out the door waiting for his Daddy to come home.  Well, since having Amanda, who is my wiggle worm, I fully understand the recall. 

The risk is that if the seat is placed on a table, counter top, chair, or other elevated surface, young children can arch their backs, flip out of the Bumbo seat, and fall onto the floor, posing a risk of serious head injuries.

A repair kit is being offered by the company, free of cost to the consumer.  Bumbo International Trust has a free fix that consists of a safety belt to keep kids in place.  Bumbo's repair kit also includes a warning sticker to remind parents and caregivers not to use the seat on raised surfaces, such as tabletops.

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