Friday, November 18, 2011

Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab Review

Here is a delightfully gross and fun product all in one.  Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab is the ultimate in experiments you can EAT!  It's kind of gross to think that you can make your very own zombie skin, bubbling brains, or zombie barf, then eat it...and it actually tastes good.

I really can't do justice to compared to the manufacturers description:

"The ultimate in disturbingly delicious experiments, Doctor Dreadful's Zombie Lab gives you more terribly tasty treats than ever! Whether brewing bubbly brains or zombie skins, you can eat everything you make. Inject spiders into eye sockets as you dare your friends to consume everything Doctor Dreadful’s Zombie Lab creates! Watch in horror as his jaw rips open and he pukes his brains out! Then wash your fear down with a delicious brain barf beverage! With real puking action this nauseating experience will certainly be one of the tastiest you’ve ever had!"

This is perfect for boys who want to gross out their friends or younger sisters.  I love that it is geared towards children as an experimental and educational science experiment .  To sum it up, it's gross, but fun!

Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab includes 5 pouches of food enough mix to make 40 tasty treats, 1 Brain Molded Beaker , 1 Zombie Head , 1 Gear Base , 3 Body Parts Molds, 1 Cup and 1 Syringe.  It is recommended for ages 7 and up and retails for about $24.99.

SpinMaster provided me with the items above in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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