Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle - Now In Color!

Mason loves to color, but what 2 year old doesn't?  We have crayons, markers, colored pencils, dry erase markers, and now the Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle - in color!  This Aquadoodle mat is a great option for young kids and parents alike.

The Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle can easily provide children with hours of clean fun, literally.  All you need is to fill the pen with water and you instantly have everything you need to keep your tot entertained.  Two or three children could easily play on this mat and draw together.

As a mom, I love it for so many reasons. 
  1. No batteries required!!!
  2. The graphics on the Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle mat are adorable.  There is a colorful alphabet and pictures to match the letters going around the mat.  Mason is obsessed with the alphabet, so this is perfect for him.  Hopefully one day I can use the mat to help practice drawing letters!
  3. There is little to no mess.  It's only water in the pen, so if a little leaks, who cares!  You don't have to worry about permanent ink stains on the couch, tile grout, clothes, and well, the list goes on and on. 
  4. I love that this mat is reusable.  After waiting a few minutes, the mat will dry and ready for more creativity. 
  5. I love that it folds up for easy storage.  It does not take up a lot of room at all.
  6. I try to encourage independent play with Mason and the Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle mat lets me do that.  He can play by himself with no help from me, or I can be actively involved in drawing and playing with him.
  7. I think my favorite aspect of the Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle it that it uses no chemicals.  I don't have to worry about Mason breathing in harmful fumes of markers or ingesting ink if he puts the pen in his mouth. 

The Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle is recommended for ages 2 and up.  Included is 1 Aquadoodle Mat and 1 Aquadoodle Pen.

SpinMaster provided me with the item above in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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