Monday, June 13, 2011

Dinosaur Train Mini Dino Flashlight and Dino Poop Review

Mason and I have been playing Dinosaur for the last two weeks and I now think "ROAR!" is his favorite word.  And, he is constantly asking me to watch "TRAIN!".  Luckily, I am here to tell you about some new and exciting products added to the Dinosaur Train line of toys that we were able to check out.

This first product, I think, is Mason's favorite.  The Mini Dino Projector has been a hugh hit with Mason.  He takes it everywhere and has mastered changing the projector lens to suit his mood.  The Mini Dino Projector light is like a flashlight from which you can project 6 different Dinosaur Train images.  Mason had fun projecting Buddy and his footprints all over the house, including the walls and ceiling.  

What is also nice about this product is that, instead of an on and off switch like a regular flashlight, you have to press and hold the button to project the image.  This saves on the battery life, which we all know people with young children go through a lot of.  Mason has been playing with this light constantly and the batteries are still going strong!

The Mini Dino Projector is appropriate for children ages 3 and up.  It retails for about $ 6.99.

Then next item we checked out was the Dino Poop.  Yes, Dino Poop!  This is actually really cool.  Dino Poop is not really Poop, of course.  Dino Poop is really a soft, pliable modeling clay that you use to discover what dinosaur ate. 

When I told Mason he could play with Dino Poop, he was excited from the start.  And really, what kid doesn't like playing with something he thinks is poop?!?!?  Mason and I had so much fun digging out the bones to find out what Buddy ate!  Each time he found a piece, he would shout, "Here it is!".  He really got into digging in the poop and loved the discovery aspect of it all.  Once we found all the pieces, we were able to make our own fossil imprint in the poop.  He wanted to hide and find the fossil pieces over and over again. 

What is nice about this toy is the simplicity.  It is like playing with clay or dough, but with a surprise and an educational twist.  I love it!  There are no batteries to run out, just your child's imagination.  These really are the best kinds of toys.

The Dino Poop set includes 1 Pile of Dino Poop, 1 Set of Bones, Plants or both, 1 storage container.  The storage container is a great feature of this product so that you can easily store, use, and reuse the Dino Poop for more fun.  It is recommended for ages 4 and up.  It retails for about $7.99.  There are also a few different sets to choose from.  The assortment Includes: Buddy - Carnivore, Tank - Herbivore, Mr. Conductor -Omnivore.  Each are sold individually.

 If you liked these products, check back in a couple of days for more on the new Dinosaur Train products!  For more information on these and other Dinosaur Train toys, you can also check out Uncle Milton online.

Thanks to Uncle Milton for providing the products in the review above.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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