Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally Review

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a great show for toddlers and pre-schoolers. I was very excited to learn that a new DVD, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally, is going to be released today, September 7, 2010. I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak of the new release!

Right off, the DVD cover is adorable! Checking out the back, I realized that this DVD has three ways to watch and play this full length feature. First, there is Discovery Mode for ages 2-3. In this mode, as you watch the movie, you can use your remote to answer questions about colors, shapes, and sizes. The next mode, Discovery Mode 2, is for ages 4-5. In this mode, you move to a higher mode with more challenging questions to answer. The third mode is Fast Play. This mode lets you watch the movie without having to use your remote. This is the mode I watched the movie in with Mason.

The first episode, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally, is an adventure in which the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang participates. They must travel through Mickey Park, a sandy desert, Mistletoe Mountain, a tropical jungle, and then back to the Clubhouse, all while finding hidden “Mickey Markers” along the way! Once thy have found all the markers, they may head back to the Clubhouse.

There are challenges along the way of course! The gang must pull together to help each other overcome obstacles like a pile of rubber duckies, a sand covered road, and a broken down bridge. Oh, Toodles is also along for the Rally to help the gang out.

The next episode on the DVD is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Pluto Lends a Paw.  This episode is just as fun to watch as the rest of them!  Pluto, the rescue dog, is enlisted to help Minnie find her kitten, Figaro. Along the way the gang runs into Donald at the golf course, Daisey painting a picture, and Goofy who is also looking for his lost kitten, Mr. Pettibones. And, as usual, Mickey and his friends use their Mouseketools to help solve their problems.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a wonderful and educational show because of the learning that is inherent in program.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse encourages teamwork, early mathematical skills and problem solving skills. Children are involved socially with the characters and there is also positive reinforcement for your child though cheers from the characters. You will also find that your youngster has to count, complete patterns, find shapes, and colors.

I would recommend Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally to any parent who is looking for, not only entertaining, but educational programming for their child.

Disney provided me with the product reviewed above in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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