Saturday, September 25, 2010

Consignment Sales

Hooray!  'Tis the Season!  Most people love the Fall because it is Football season or their children go back to school.  I love the Fall because with it comes Flyers Hockey and cheap shopping at consignment sales! 

I did my homework and checked out for the current list of sales.  I had to narrow down my travel because of my injury, but was still able to easily find one in the area.  I was really bummed since I had my surgery that I thought I would not be able to get out and enjoy the next few weekends.  But, realizing how much I love going to these sales and that I am housebound with out him, my darling husband offered to drive me around today so I could check things out. Today I went to the first consignment sale of the season - - Bucks Mont MOMS

I wasn't looking for anything specific.  This is a change from last year when there was so much I wanted or thought I needed for Mason.  I have decided that I would begin to stock up on size 3T and 4T clothes, since I have none in reserve.  I hate paying full price for clothes, especially when babies are first born and they grow out of them so fast.  However, I will buy a brand new holiday outfit or birthday outfit.  But really, who doesn't? 

We decided to get a bit of a later start since I am on crutches.  I figured fighting the crowds and going through racks of clothes would be too difficult.  I have been to these sales before and know that there is always no shortage of clothes or toys.  We headed out about 11:00am and arrived in plenty of time to shop.  I checked out the large variety of toys, books, tapes, DVDs, accessories and shoes before heading over to the clothes.  I was VERY pleased to find a nice black pair of size 8 shoes for $2.50.

I then checked out the size 3T and 4T clothes.  There were so many to choose from that I decided to stick with 3T and pants in 2T size.  In the end, I bought 2 pairs of 2T pants for Mason for the fall for $1.00 and $1.50 each.  I bought 2 complete outfits at $1.50 and $2.50, an Elmo shirt (which is his fav) for $2.00, and a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and track pants for $1.00 each.  Oh, and a bonus for Mason... Daddy found 2 Elmo VHS tapes for $2.00 each.  The grand total for the day: $18.00!  SCORE!!!!

Until the next sale, I leave you wondering where I will shop next!

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